Freshening Up the Kitchen and Dining Room

In most homes, the kitchen probably takes the most wear and abuse. Most often kitchens are the last rooms that homeowners think about redecorating since only they see them. However, the kitchen should be as fabulous as the owner is and ought to be a room that encourages expression of personality, great conversation and culinary creativity. Below are a few quick tips that will help any homeowner freshen the kitchen and dining room.


The backsplash should not only be stylish but sexy as well while maintaining its functionality and easy maintenance properties. Upgrading or changing the backsplash does wonders for how the kitchen feels and looks. For a retro, fresh look, homeowners should consider trying ceramic subway tiles that are easy to install, readily available and inexpensive. The backsplash will offer the kitchen a stately, grand feeling.

The best way to create a total fresh kitchen makeover is by removing clutter. This means removing any items that have not been used for a long time; for example, a bread machine that has not been touched for over a year. Putting away all the bad gifts and junky clutter means getting rid of everything on the counters and only placing those items that are most critical to the household. Adding a few extra design element will help fill up the empty space. In addition, one should consider upgrading the counter appliances by getting new stainless steel options.

The thought of buying a major piece of furniture such as a dining room table is a task that most homeowners do not look forward to. However, if the old dining table is working against the dining room area, it is critical to have it replaced. Some of the things homeowners should consider when choosing a new dining table include how comfortable the table makes guests feel. The table should set the stage for memorable dining experiences in the home as well as be a natural extension of the entire home.

Stained and dingy kitchen walls will not encourage much conversation or creative cooking. Paint is the most versatile tool that homeowners can use to transform space easily. Painting warm colors such as celery greens or saffron yellows will help brighten and lighten the kitchen area. When finished with the walls, homeowners should not forget to touch up the trim, ceilings, walls and cabinets. Offering them a new look will completely transform the kitchen area to a habitable, happy room. The best paint surface for kitchen cabinets is melamine since it is easy to clean and durable.

Homeowners should not feel limited to specific choices; just about everything in the kitchen and dining room can do with some prep work especially when painted over with the right primer. Using the ideas above, offers homeowners a chance of transforming the dining and kitchen room to an area where they can have conversations with their families and proudly entertain their guests.